May 10, 2021 – Christian Churches United has bestowed their annual Peacemaker’s Award on Ruth Stoll, RN, DNSc, Founder of Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope. In 2011, Ruth Stoll and two other nurses began to plan how to bring a free health clinic to Harrisburg, PA. Their efforts and community collaborations prospered and in 2015, the clinic became reality. Beacon Clinic for Health & Hope (Beacon Clinic) is a community-based health clinic located in the historic uptown section of Harrisburg, PA. Beacon Clinic was established to provide free primary healthcare for uninsured and under-insured adults (age 18+). Beacon Clinic’s patients speak 37 different languages and come from 46 countries. In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Beacon Clinic served 986 distinct patients, many of whom require complex, chronic disease management. Beacon Clinic providers met patient healthcare needs in new and innovative ways during this difficult time. Beacon Clinic also ensured that patients continued to receive vital prescription medications.